Sunday, September 12, 2010


Living like a queen in the city of heartache and pain .
Trying too instill the faith that she holds into the new generation that will determine our future.
Giving us everything that she thought a granddaughter should know,
Hugs & Kisses that will always touch are hearts for a lifetime too remember.
Trying live of the stature that she hold.
Wanting too be 78 & fly as she is , and steal just some of her greatness.
A rock too many but a grandma too me.
A Anchor too a lot but a care taker too me
sometimes i wonder how strong can you be , & if i could ever amont too what she is ..
& then i know that when the time comes i will ..
So shes not just my grandma but my hero , the reason i keep pushing
the braggin i do & the compliments on my body & when they ask i say my grandma !
so i love you magg

Monday, April 19, 2010


the music from the twentys that makes my bones jump from me , gives me thats swing of time when i knew everything was alright . . the sounds of each horn in harmony making love too nasty smoke houses called swing clubs -- that was the good life , listen too the sounds of melodys come into play and the rythum of your body begans too sway , that was love fa the music & cherish moments too say , with louis armstrongs voice & the way benny goodman played i could have been a junky addicted too the right notes and the composition all day . . too tragic down falls and junky men who played great music , too people who had firey tempers like sindy beche . . iwanna sing and play , let love come out my mouth and turned into beautiful thoughs all day , stick too what i know and sing too the unknow , i wanna be jazz ( : i want too hold the graditude that duke held at every show , and start trends like bebop and play my sax like bird -- i want too embrace the stage like dizzy but leave them guess like monk . . could music have embodied me cause i wanna be jazz . . put me down with the screams of the 60's and the voice that ella held . . let bebop become apart on my step and let it swing on . . never forget what start this love ; rag time they called it on and on . . give me the courage too come off the top and make people wanna listen ! cause jazz varies like something is missing . . the way jazz calmed me down like a river & made me feel COOl as the stream - crown me juss the world . . cause juss like this simple and creative genre i wanna make HISTORY

Saturday, April 10, 2010


too afraid too become something in life , so they play the role as though its nothing ever better in life , striving for a dollar cause every black person believes in obama and start too lose faith . . wanting him to fix every problem cause the only thing that links us is skin color . so what do you when you feel as thou you have done it all ?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


could you see in my eyes , the pain of a thousand students before me . could you tell by my regular huge smile that i was a product of two people who held anything but stable job , could her the song inside to just let a cry to shout that iam almost finish this journey that i face everyday . . POVERTY that kills my soul but sends strength to my ego . now am i a bad person ? or is this taught in todays society by the RICH . but do we have the rich to blame or ourselves . . is blaming oursleves the hardest thing and also the easiest for others . . . . .

&' i can say i resent you as a person cause you never cared , and yes you did try your best but it wasnt good enough for me , cause i shoud have shared the memories w my kids of your addiction - and are you to blame ? so i blame you because a little small pipe has taken over your life and noone has the sense enough to address it so we feed the habit & by feeding it we give it the right to be here ! & i resent you ! no i hate who you have become , you where that before me and after me you will be the same . . but can i make that change , could this one voice change your life on what you smoke & god knows it started off with just a little bit of weed !
did you ever hear the whispers i heard or the faces i got cause now they see me as you but never us two apart , he made me of his own image so why do i sin or you sin and you tell me about each bible verse but the again you have a ich or tug toward thats " white qood stuff" .

i hate you . . ( to be contiuned)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

american dream ?

he had a dream , so we paved the vision and obama did the hard workk ; but yet should we stop there wift obama ? should this torch jux be burned at this one spot cause he the black president -- that we have and that we qot ..

only livin and talkin on the dream that martin had we become satisfied with what we have .. believin the barak obama would be our black jesus and save every negro from hardship and disparee ?

some people call him the statue of dreams . givin every inner city kids hopes like me and every other determination to be better .. givin the negro community a better look that we dont always have to sinq and rap to make a change or be the biggest drug lord in the game to be somethinq to live up to GREAT . but my thinq is iam the next american dream team , could my voice and vision be heard like martins' and could i be as qood as michelle obama as a speaker . - does this give me the drive that i need to speak up and out not jux for the kids that are black but white . tan and others !
for the childern that live in poverty , and the lost ones in the system of disaster and den we blame it on society .. for the ones that didnt know where the meals were comin from and how would they make it the next day .. could my writing and lines be as great as eger allan poe . too live up to the works off shakesparee .. never THEE .

but can i live down the title of american dream ? could this be the chance to take my shot like mj at the 45 sec mark and hope and pray that this goes in cause this will win the gamee ! so i look at what i have to model beinq a kid from a city who doesnt care and state that jux brushes us under the rug ...

imma be the next like martin . rose and obama did .. and all that was is be GREAT !

Monday, September 28, 2009


nor ever was i hood , but call me a city girl or gal . rememberin the times when i could stay out until twelve now my mother wont let me out the house . - when the old heads on the corner tell how the city used to be and now how they reflect on the life that once was it isnt ne moree . so try and become apart of the cause like malcom x and fight wift everythinq that i have only for my soul to assassinated wift the disbelievers that yet camden can change . - and the lesson that the preacher teaches qoes into one ear and out the other for the people who have the money and leave the city as if they didnt play on this very soil and once they called camden their home .

left wift the broken sadness and the moaning of the people but never will they qo to a city board meeting . nor will they address them at home . high schools beinq cadge like prisons and the qood qettin throwin in wift the bad , segregating the best into little schools that we build into the community - there is no way out . i hear how camden high was the best and the standards for that high school isnt even measured on scale from one to ten , but yu tell us to push on .

i feel like a slave in modern society . addicted to the truth that no one speaks and hungry for changee and determined to let it happen while i can . so as my ancestors sang , let god lead me to the promise land , where there i can rest and reflect on a life well spend . or evening tryin . but this is the city life . - misunderstood , unheard and missed due to the destruction of ignorancee .

Friday, July 31, 2009

yur lovee

the attraction that layed on my face was not just by your physical looks but inner workinq of his heart and i had to admit that this boy was smooth ; had me at hello and qoodbye . couldnt fool me when he said that this would last for eternity and reality set and it only last for a lil while and then you were qone .
not noticinq how we as one grew apart and our friendship began to die slowly but surely . cause yet i called you my bestfriend before i called yu my man and it didnt happen over night . but the plenty nights we shared on the phone ; wondering what conversation would we be startin next only to come to my conculsion and realize that i would miss too converse wift yu .
i huff and puff cause i know this feelin wouldnt go away cause yet unlike others friends that were dismissed away and i hated to say there name you were different .
maybe i feel bad cause it was my fault ; leavinq without giving yu a word in edge wise but yet when i couldnt come to myself and trust yu and then you come back to me dirty .
so as i left the house i onced called a home cause yet it felt so cold and alone i wonder where you are whos lovin yu like michael said but i didnt treat yu bad .
so i leave this off wift a love that i once had and still do .
cause what do they know about real lovee :)