Monday, September 28, 2009


nor ever was i hood , but call me a city girl or gal . rememberin the times when i could stay out until twelve now my mother wont let me out the house . - when the old heads on the corner tell how the city used to be and now how they reflect on the life that once was it isnt ne moree . so try and become apart of the cause like malcom x and fight wift everythinq that i have only for my soul to assassinated wift the disbelievers that yet camden can change . - and the lesson that the preacher teaches qoes into one ear and out the other for the people who have the money and leave the city as if they didnt play on this very soil and once they called camden their home .

left wift the broken sadness and the moaning of the people but never will they qo to a city board meeting . nor will they address them at home . high schools beinq cadge like prisons and the qood qettin throwin in wift the bad , segregating the best into little schools that we build into the community - there is no way out . i hear how camden high was the best and the standards for that high school isnt even measured on scale from one to ten , but yu tell us to push on .

i feel like a slave in modern society . addicted to the truth that no one speaks and hungry for changee and determined to let it happen while i can . so as my ancestors sang , let god lead me to the promise land , where there i can rest and reflect on a life well spend . or evening tryin . but this is the city life . - misunderstood , unheard and missed due to the destruction of ignorancee .

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