Monday, April 19, 2010


the music from the twentys that makes my bones jump from me , gives me thats swing of time when i knew everything was alright . . the sounds of each horn in harmony making love too nasty smoke houses called swing clubs -- that was the good life , listen too the sounds of melodys come into play and the rythum of your body begans too sway , that was love fa the music & cherish moments too say , with louis armstrongs voice & the way benny goodman played i could have been a junky addicted too the right notes and the composition all day . . too tragic down falls and junky men who played great music , too people who had firey tempers like sindy beche . . iwanna sing and play , let love come out my mouth and turned into beautiful thoughs all day , stick too what i know and sing too the unknow , i wanna be jazz ( : i want too hold the graditude that duke held at every show , and start trends like bebop and play my sax like bird -- i want too embrace the stage like dizzy but leave them guess like monk . . could music have embodied me cause i wanna be jazz . . put me down with the screams of the 60's and the voice that ella held . . let bebop become apart on my step and let it swing on . . never forget what start this love ; rag time they called it on and on . . give me the courage too come off the top and make people wanna listen ! cause jazz varies like something is missing . . the way jazz calmed me down like a river & made me feel COOl as the stream - crown me juss the world . . cause juss like this simple and creative genre i wanna make HISTORY

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