Wednesday, October 7, 2009

american dream ?

he had a dream , so we paved the vision and obama did the hard workk ; but yet should we stop there wift obama ? should this torch jux be burned at this one spot cause he the black president -- that we have and that we qot ..

only livin and talkin on the dream that martin had we become satisfied with what we have .. believin the barak obama would be our black jesus and save every negro from hardship and disparee ?

some people call him the statue of dreams . givin every inner city kids hopes like me and every other determination to be better .. givin the negro community a better look that we dont always have to sinq and rap to make a change or be the biggest drug lord in the game to be somethinq to live up to GREAT . but my thinq is iam the next american dream team , could my voice and vision be heard like martins' and could i be as qood as michelle obama as a speaker . - does this give me the drive that i need to speak up and out not jux for the kids that are black but white . tan and others !
for the childern that live in poverty , and the lost ones in the system of disaster and den we blame it on society .. for the ones that didnt know where the meals were comin from and how would they make it the next day .. could my writing and lines be as great as eger allan poe . too live up to the works off shakesparee .. never THEE .

but can i live down the title of american dream ? could this be the chance to take my shot like mj at the 45 sec mark and hope and pray that this goes in cause this will win the gamee ! so i look at what i have to model beinq a kid from a city who doesnt care and state that jux brushes us under the rug ...

imma be the next like martin . rose and obama did .. and all that was is be GREAT !


  1. I profiled your work in my most recent blog post. You will likely get some hits soon.