Sunday, September 12, 2010


Living like a queen in the city of heartache and pain .
Trying too instill the faith that she holds into the new generation that will determine our future.
Giving us everything that she thought a granddaughter should know,
Hugs & Kisses that will always touch are hearts for a lifetime too remember.
Trying live of the stature that she hold.
Wanting too be 78 & fly as she is , and steal just some of her greatness.
A rock too many but a grandma too me.
A Anchor too a lot but a care taker too me
sometimes i wonder how strong can you be , & if i could ever amont too what she is ..
& then i know that when the time comes i will ..
So shes not just my grandma but my hero , the reason i keep pushing
the braggin i do & the compliments on my body & when they ask i say my grandma !
so i love you magg

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