Tuesday, November 17, 2009


could you see in my eyes , the pain of a thousand students before me . could you tell by my regular huge smile that i was a product of two people who held anything but stable job , could her the song inside to just let a cry to shout that iam almost finish this journey that i face everyday . . POVERTY that kills my soul but sends strength to my ego . now am i a bad person ? or is this taught in todays society by the RICH . but do we have the rich to blame or ourselves . . is blaming oursleves the hardest thing and also the easiest for others . . . . .

&' i can say i resent you as a person cause you never cared , and yes you did try your best but it wasnt good enough for me , cause i shoud have shared the memories w my kids of your addiction - and are you to blame ? so i blame you because a little small pipe has taken over your life and noone has the sense enough to address it so we feed the habit & by feeding it we give it the right to be here ! & i resent you ! no i hate who you have become , you where that before me and after me you will be the same . . but can i make that change , could this one voice change your life on what you smoke & god knows it started off with just a little bit of weed !
did you ever hear the whispers i heard or the faces i got cause now they see me as you but never us two apart , he made me of his own image so why do i sin or you sin and you tell me about each bible verse but the again you have a ich or tug toward thats " white qood stuff" .

i hate you . . ( to be contiuned)

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