Friday, July 31, 2009

yur lovee

the attraction that layed on my face was not just by your physical looks but inner workinq of his heart and i had to admit that this boy was smooth ; had me at hello and qoodbye . couldnt fool me when he said that this would last for eternity and reality set and it only last for a lil while and then you were qone .
not noticinq how we as one grew apart and our friendship began to die slowly but surely . cause yet i called you my bestfriend before i called yu my man and it didnt happen over night . but the plenty nights we shared on the phone ; wondering what conversation would we be startin next only to come to my conculsion and realize that i would miss too converse wift yu .
i huff and puff cause i know this feelin wouldnt go away cause yet unlike others friends that were dismissed away and i hated to say there name you were different .
maybe i feel bad cause it was my fault ; leavinq without giving yu a word in edge wise but yet when i couldnt come to myself and trust yu and then you come back to me dirty .
so as i left the house i onced called a home cause yet it felt so cold and alone i wonder where you are whos lovin yu like michael said but i didnt treat yu bad .
so i leave this off wift a love that i once had and still do .
cause what do they know about real lovee :)

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