Thursday, July 30, 2009

&; sometimes i forqet

wings that sit on the back of your body ; i tried to understand why ? but yet i ask questions and i see dark closets and walls that yet wasnt there before . many people tell me not to even questions the workinqs of god and jux celebrate the life cause he is in a better place and i ponder on the thoughts only to ask god why again . yes cause sometimes i forget about the big difference in being here and world unknown so as i sit on my bed and i read a book or too to get my mind off the lost that i cant get back nor question . i talk to yu while your restinq lettinq people know that death isnt pleasent but peaceful and that one day if we are all together we will see you once again smilinq and actinq crazy as usual .

couldnt come to conculsion about why your gone ; so i sumit to the will and i pray and as i pray i bury my head in the ground and i weep . but yet the sonq say not to cry cause he is restinq in a near place . yes a right dear place and if i continue to talk that he never die in my heart ; but lastly never qo away .

but sometimes i forget that your dead and i cry out to your name and when you dont respond ; ugh life just isnt the same . the many poem i read and yu told me if i had a beat i would rappinq and the sonqs that i sunq now that your gone ; i sinq even more .

but sometimes i forget that you always told me to be a trooper and never let em see you sweat but they see more sweatinq now then ever . it hit so close to home sometimes i try not to imagine my life gonee . but yet nyce ; nator ; kaz and wofic yu cant hear me read this poem or sinq this sonq .

i needed yu guys and by force you left but by heart yu stayed and the memories i share in this poem will never qo a stray so i sit as i type this and tear does hit my face cause this just want for the four of them but the rest of them that want away .

so dont forget about why they are not here cause in rememberinq them is somethinq more .
cause sometimes i forget that they were just a gift give to me jus for a lil bit .

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