Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rip Nyce <3

days grown longer then usual now that your gonee ; tears fall more and more eachday as we reach that day that we will see you once again , but not like the last time we seen you when yu was smiling and everything was okay . it will be the time we look into the dark clouds only too see nothing but knowing that after the rain comes sunshine . man so many times i jus wish yu was some place else so that i could jux warn yu about so much .
so we sit with ah big chip on our shoulder cause yet our hearts cant bear it and enough tears cant xpress how much we cared . so as i type this i listen to hear yu say whats sup to me and embrace me with ah hug . to hear someone who knew yu better then i did that yu was some place else jux for ah lil bit and that you'll be cominq home soon and i turn back to reality when i see the rest in peace shirts and it hits meee ; danq my bro gone . my cousinn . and most of all those things yu where my friend .
yeah we didnt have to have the deep friendship and maybe only if we had said hi oncee i would have stilled cried . so dear davon as i close this up i want yu to know i cared . and no we wasnt that close , but i cared <3

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