Sunday, April 12, 2009


The Newspapers that cover the urban stories to the magazine that writes the articles . we are just to them as monkeys as we were in the early 1800s man i look around and as they jailed like cadqe animals . rip from out dignity only to pass no hopes unto us . giving us every right not to push on and move forward .
sitting in there waiting for his chance at sunlight knowin it will be i while making excuses for himself , tell himself that he is unloved that why his family doesnt come around , shamed by what he did so they forget about him . letters gets scares and the only thing that he has now is himself , not wanting to confine into religion so he indugles his head into the books . Readinq is power so they said . so every night he thought that he won one fight by education himself .
phone calls not accepted cause yet thst girlfriend of his isnt his anymore
forced to care for a child all on her own . at night it seem so cold that even with another mans around around her she cant seem to find heat . stuck to just try to make cause her babydad cant fake it . he is in jail . telling the same story as the next man that he was innocent . but hey i wouldnt know cause i am only the story teller right now .
times get hard in the pin so he washes his fce , fights his way only for a little respect . but he locked up like a animal . like maya said i know why the cadqe bird sings . but yet the same hood song that jezzy wrote .

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