Monday, April 13, 2009

a simple girl forced to be somethinq she isnt , crying cause yet she has nothing but herself and thats atleast how she feels inside . family you cant pick em and her so called friends you cant miss them . fullfiled you would think when you seen her big smile and the love thst she instill in her hugs and kisses .
the hope in her eyes you wouldnt understand the pain in her heart , longing for the unconditional love . the black on black lovee - the love that without a doubt he will stay ; the love that runs longer then the nile and deeper then the oceans bottom . so she on the conquest to find what yet she longinq for and falls short every time but maybe its her destiny cause yet she isnt that big and her poems arent that great - but yet her heart biqqer then the sun & loves more then the word itself .
so she press on after every mishap and let down cause yet she was a brown girl so she knew what to expect l. the color from her skin bleed on her paper from her determination - stop by the road blocks that say she couldnt and the family that gave up on her and say she wouldn .
her destiny based on peoples opinoin of her and not her heart ; good grades but yet she still comes up short - not knowing what too do cause they dont put on tv the positive imaqe of the girl just the ones that she self incriminates herself in .
selling her self short for some guy just to say he loves her . never really had a father figure to care and the one that did , died in 2003 and so did she emotionless she stand fighting back tears cause yet she cant get him back . not appericating him while he was here so now she fight for the love once again to reoccure in her lifee - only one that she felt believed her kicked her out on her ass , not thinking about the future or her pass ; but yet she knows her destiny & how bright the future will be
because when i look in the mirror and see that girl . i realize that the girl is ME .

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