Thursday, March 26, 2009


the issues that ah face today isnt so stranqe ; cause you adults dont understand my pain . yeah your time wasnt like now ; nor was it ever bad cause yall had swinq shows instead of house partys and many of you had dads .
so you tell us that we have issues but yet not try to address them at all . lend ah helping hand to carry neither one of us " kids" alonq . so you pressure us with the gift that we can be better but when we faced with peers and cold wheather but thats not none of your concerns ; but yet you still tellinq me that i have issues
ah know my place in this life ; or atleast i think but sometimes it get bad and i need to let go some thinqs so sometimes the issues ah face are way major then yours . cause you guys tell us the stories about black and white wars but yet we have black on black wars and even if we are of the same color ; we try to use racial tone to eachother .
but yet again you sit and tell me that i have issues cause at your age the biggest concern was a tie dye shirt and cut up jeans .
but yet am faced with crack heads friends and broken dreams . so yet ah stare at maqazines ; and videos and hopinq ah make it big and dance and shake like beyonce or maybe even dance like ciara . but yet ah have issues and only blunt uneducated rappers are on my tv and sometimes ah mite see ah nice lookinq girl -- so the role models they stay aways cause yet tyra where did she go . from doinq models to talk shows but yet we dont hear about this .
we only see young kids dancinq to stakiny leq and you say ah have issues
give me a good reason why ah shouldnt
cause yet the world do - am just statinq from my point of veiw

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  1. Another great post. Thanks for sharing your insights about how you see life. Your style is really effective in getting your point across.