Sunday, March 1, 2009

Miseducation Of Me

Tryinq To Find An Outlet So Ah Scream In My Pillow & The Tears That Hit My Face Burns Like Acid ; But As Its Reaches The ♥ It Slowly Kills Me - But Ah Fight Tah Live Another Day To Love ; But Yet Up Cryinq Juz Like Baby - Tryinq To Figure Out Is It Me . ! Ah Smile But Yet Broken & Am Silent But Yet You Can Hear The Pain From Ah Mile Away ; Focusinq On My Past ; So Ah Cant Enjoy My Future . ! Kanye Called It Heartless & Ah Call It Knowinq Pain When You See It . ! So Ah Hide Under Ah Rock -Scared To Love & If He Loves Me Will He Stay True ; But Yet As Beinq Ah Human - Ah Cant Tell Cause Yet We Are Sappose To Learn From Our Mistakes ; So Why Do Ah Constantly Repeat Em . Ah Say Nothinq Even Matter Around Em - But It Does Ah Love Em So Much That Anythinq He Does Kills Me ; Revived By His Kiss & His Words Cut Me Like Knvies ; But Wonds Heal Right Thats What My Muttah Always Told Me . So Ah Search For An Outlet But Yet Ah Reach For My Pillow & Cry Like Ah Baby Again & Ah Question MySelf - Is This My Mistake Lovinq Too Hard & Hittinq The Ground Even Harder - So Ah Try To Wear Protection ; But Yet It Still Hurts . This Is The Miseducation Of Jennah - & Yet Am Tryinq Tah Inform You . !

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