Friday, February 27, 2009


Many Knoe My Name ; But Dont Knoe Me & If You Do -- Man You Really Dont So Dont Try , Cockyy - Nah ; But Ah Do Take Pride In My Beauty & So Do Some Of Yah Men , Oops Didnt Mean To Rat You Guys Out . Ah Love $$$ & Ah Get It Weather From Yah Man Or On My Grind - But Never Ah 9-5 So Take It As Money Is At My Finqertips Future So Bright You Lames Aint Even In My Leaque Ha - Ah Laugh At Niqquas Who Try To Meausure Up ; Never To Me - Ah Was Told The Best Yet Fail So Ah Take My Failure Like Ah Lesson To Be Repeated & Yet Learn From It . See Ah Drop Knowleqe Like Bush Droped Bombs - Its Juz That Easy ; So As You Read Take Notes Cause -- Lessons Are Taught By Ah Good Teacher So Let Me School You . ! Never Been The Type Easy To Diqest ; But The Type Once You Getta Ah Taste Its No Cominq Back - Hard Cause Ah Gotta Be ; Goofy - Thats Apart Of Me Cause Ah Laugh To Ease The Pain . Fame - No But Yet Ah Can Hear It Knockinq On My Door . Loved No Dought ; But Hated -- But Great People Are So Ah Take It As Gift Cause Am That Great . So Next Time They Speak Of Me -- Shxt Ah Might Juz Be The Next Black-Women President . !

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