Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beinq Black . ?

Okay so I am black and you can tell by the color of my skin & maybe by the texture of my hair , but whats i beinq black actually . ? Am i definded by the stereotypes set upon me by others or is it a thinq i set for my self . ?

In my humanities class we talked about being a black women in AMERICA or just beinq "black" but yet being black doesnt define me . Yeah sometimes my spellinq is off and i say aint here and there . But is that the black ignorance they speak of my people now

As i couint on my intellect to prove who i really am , yeah it is beinq black , but in my own way . My skin is brown , and my hair is finee , but when the white america look at me i am black . yeah we talk with improper enqlish (ebonics) and we waer baggy clothes but dont let that definee me .

as just beinq black .

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