Monday, February 23, 2009


My Story Yet Untold ; But Whispered Or Even Tired In Books & Maqazines - No Am Not Famous But Almost There . Trustinq In God ; Yeah Ah Fall Short Of The Glory Cause Am Not Perfect . Tryinq To Be Servent In Anyway , So I Pray Knowinq Am Ah Sinner ; He Gives Me Ah Second Chance . ! Unique In My Own Way - Tryinq To Be Ah Leader , The Head NOt The Tail , Beinq Victorious In EveryThinq Ah Do . Looked & Judge By Not Just My Character ; But The Color Of My SKiN & The Gender Of My Body . ! So Ah Run Ah Lil Lonqer Too Meet The FiNiSH LiNE . !Ah Smile ; Yet Been broken ; Sinq Yet Another Love Sonq Too Keep Me Sane . & In Reality I Am Crazy & Deranqedd . ! Hurt Beyond Measure : But Rise Like The SUN EveryDay , So You Tell Me ... Am Ah A Stronq Girl . Define Stronq ; Cause Emotionaly Weakened & Physical Strained But Yet Ah Push To Better Heights , So Ah Can Reach The Stars Instead Of Settlinq For The Sky Ah Dream Biq So Yet Even If One Of Them Fail - I Still Will Have More To Hold On Too . Countinq My Blessinq So I Can Show My Gratefulness Tryinq Embrace My Heritaqe Of Beinq Black So Ah Stay & Rock My Afro Puff . ! I Am Me & I Love It . ! So Next Time You Hear My Name - It May Be Good Or Even Bad ; But Yet Ah Take It Like This What Ah I Do You Cant - So Why Judqe Me . ?

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